Artists of the week- Peter and Nick Finger
By Erin O.
Jun 3, 2009 - 11:40:27 AM

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Artist of the week

Early dawn, before the thoughts of the day have even entered most of our minds, Peter Finger is peeking through his blinds trying to detect whether the morning conditions might favor the perfect photo he is seeking. He was smitten by the beauty of our island ever since visiting here years ago. A light misty fog resting gently near the Wando River or through the trees on Bellinger Island will motivate Peter right out of bed with his equipment in hand on the sleepiest of mornings.

It would be difficult to find a more experienced photographer and digital artist than Peter Finger. We are fortunate to have such an expert in our midst as a full-time resident now. For the past 22 years, Peter photographed hundreds of universities, institutions and landscapes. He has been hired to create brochures, catalogs and marketing materials of all kinds. With a background in fine arts, he also taught various workshops and seminars over the years covering such material as landscape photography and digital photo manipulation. He has led groups all over the US through national parks and treasured landmarks, sharing his fine arts background as well as his photography training. Peter hopes to eventually begin digital art workshops here on the island.

Nick Finger is heavily involved with computer-manipulated art of a more whimsical nature. Peter’s son Nick is also heavily involved with computer-manipulated art of a more whimsical nature. His ideas are youthful, fresh and clearly demonstrate a passion for digitally-enhanced nature. Having learned Photoshop at a very early age, he became an early expert with design and composition. His works of art have been marketed as tee shirts, posters, prints, and digital canvases. He hopes that these designs will also take the form of glassware and wearable art. The canvases are definitely worth checking out. So take a stroll downtown the next time you are in the Publix Shopping Center. You are sure to be delighted!

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